Classes for 2023 School term

CRANK Youth Programs – Term 1 of 2023 begins the week starting 23rd January 2023.
Use the contact us form if you want to start mid-term, contact us


Term 1 for 2023 has now started, to express your interest please complete- wait list

Rock Climbing   12+ years $220 (10 week program)

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm (new) or 5pm and on Saturday or Sunday at 8.45am 

Ninja Warrior & Bouldering  –

     11+ years $230 (10 week program)

  • Saturday 7.45am

Ninja Warrior, Parkour & Bouldering  

   12+ years $230 (10 week program)

  • Tuesday / Thursday 4pm

8 – 11 years $240 (10 week program)

  • Saturday morning at 8.45am 

    6 – 8 years $240 (10 week program) 

  • Classes run Saturday at 9.45am 

Classes run for 55min to 1 hour. 

NEW CUSTOMERS must go through an induction class prior to enrolling (regardless of previous experience and skills). This will be conducted on the first day of term.  



I am interested in Youth Programs

The steps

Step 1. Complete the registration by clicking here (if you are new to CRANK)

Step 2. What is your child interested in doing?

   – For ages 6-8, Saturday mornings is currently the only option at 9.45am, which is a combination of Ninja, Climbing and Parkour (NEW in October 2022 Sunday 9.45am, depending on numbers)

   – For ages 8-11, Combination of Ninja, Climbing and Parkour

   – For ages 12+, Choose between a specialisation in Ninja Warrior, or Rock Climbing

Step 3. Express your interest in the class

I am interested in Youth Programs