All disciplines are adventure sports with a strong focus on balance, co-ordination, strength and agility.

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CRANK Indoor Climbing trains youth in:

Rock Climbing

Beginner/Intermediate 12+

– Tues, Wed, Thurs 5-6pm

– Saturday 8.45-9.45am

Advanced (all ages) (invite only)

– Thurs 5-7pm

– Friday 5-7pm

Ninja Warrior

– Tuesday 5.30-6.30pm (all ages)

– Wednesday 5-6pm (all ages)

Combination Climbing & Ninja

6-8 years old

– Saturday 9.45-10.45am

8-11 years old

– Tuesday, Wednesday 4-5pm

– Saturday 8.45-9.45am

12+ years old

– Saturday 7.45-8.45am

We invite parents to join our community and become members of Crank Climbing – the best way to ensure your child has a spot in our classes and be part of our climbing family! As a member you have unlimited entry and access to our classes, we offer Yoga classes and climbing technique classes for adults. Climbing can be a great family activity. Alternatively you can climb, boulder or gym during the class for a discounted entry price.

Youth Classes

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Rock Climbing & Bouldering

This program teaches the fundamentals of bouldering and rock climbing technique with a focus on improving your youths fitness, strength and balance. For more advanced students, this program will improve upon existing skills and take your youths climbing to the next level.

Ninja Warrior

Crank Ninja Warrior is designed for Australian Ninja Warriors. CRANK has produced more Ninja Warriors that for the TV show than any other gym in the country. Our fun training and obstacles course are great for the future Ninja Warrior. (Seeking interest please complete the waitlist in the contact us tab).

For Ages 6 to 11 Our Class Includes | Ninja | Rock Climbing | Bouldering

CRANK specialises in Rock Climbing, Bouldering and Ninja Warrior. Producing the best Queensland has to offer.

We train in rock climbing, bouldering and ninja warrior.

Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is a fantastic activity that challenges both the body and mind. Our instructors will teach kids the basics of climbing. Climbing is not only a great way to build strength and endurance, but also improves problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Ninja Warrior:

Inspired by the popular TV show, ninja warrior courses are a great way to improve agility, coordination, and balance. Our courses feature a variety of obstacles that will challenge kids to overcome their fears and push their physical limits.

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Youth Program Information

– If you are new to the centre you must complete the registration/waiver:

– Classes run for 9 or 10 weeks during School Term

– Price $220 (12+ years) $240 (For 11 years and under) for the 10 week term

– Classes run for 1 hour

– Minimum of 4 participants to run classes

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