Casual Pricing

No bookings required, just rock on in. Entry price includes: Rock Climbing, Bouldering Parkour, Ninja Warrior for 2.5 hours of entry.

Casual Entry Pricing

Adult Price $20

Youth and Concession $16

Student Price $18 (must show card)

Extras Pricing

First time registration $5 (adults receive a free trial 7 day membership as part of their first time visit)

Rental Harness $5 (You will need to rent a harness to climb the walls)

Shoes $5 (optional, however climbing shoes make climbing more enjoyable)

Chalk is available to buy

First timers pricing explained

Adults $30 (Entry $20 + $5 registration + $5 harness hire)

Youth $26 (Entry $16 + $5 registration + $5 harness hire) – Belay harness FREE hire

A safety video and demonstration will be conducted on arrival.

Membership options

1 Month

3 Month

6 month

Direct Debit $27 per week ($10 signup)

  • Unlimited access
  • Free classes
  • 1 FREE guest pass per calendar month
  • 10% to 20% off the gear shop

See us instore for the prepaid memberships or signup online for the direct debit. $27 per week + $10 SPECIAL Signup: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

General direct debit rules:

• 21 days notice period to cancel (membership are ongoing and will continue after the period, no minimum term)
• Memberships can be paused for a cost of $5 per week by our web form in contact us
* Must be 18 years and over