Crank Indoor Climbing - Rock Climbing


Do you want to Rock Climb or Parkour?

Lets get cranking with some simple moves:
  1. You must complete a waiver/registration – anyone who enters the gym area is required to have one completed)
  2. On arrival you will need to do an induction to climb – we show you the ropes and how to stay safe. Best times are after 5pm weekdays and any time on weekends

  • Waiver

    For casual entry you can walk on in and complete the waiver on site – however it is easier if you complete it prior to arrival.

  • Bookings

    Bookings are essential for groups, parties, youth classes.

  • Classes

    You can casually visit the adult classes in Rock Climbing basics, Parkour basics, Yoga for the adventurous, and fitness (body weight functional fitness).

Click here to learn more about bookings and classes.

We are an adventure gym, with a community of people who are interested in fitness with a bit more spice. Which is why we offer free to our members, yoga classes, parkour classes, rock climbing classes and fitness classes. If it is your first time ask our staff about our membership deals.
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Because we are passionate about our sports we offer youth squads in: Parkour; Rock Climbing and Ninja Warrior.
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We can also host your next party. Our parties takes them through all the elements of games, parkour, rock climbing and ninja warrior.
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