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At Crank, we offer fun, colourful kids rock climbing walls, hanging ropes, mini caving tunnel, padded obstacles and a cargo net to make parties a blast! With over 1,000 sqm of climbing walls in a massive 1,700+ sqm warehouse it is great fun for all ages and abilities and no experience is necessary.


The minimum age for a Cranky Kids Party is 3 years old, however this is at the parents discretion.
For kids under 14 years old, it is requested that adults or young adults (i.e. 14 years or older) are there to belay (hold the rope).
It is required that there is a ratio of at least one adult to every three children under the age of 14. This will ensure that each party guest will have a fantastic time climbing.


Walk-in groups are available based on capacity and availability.
Reservations are recommended for groups of 10 or more so that we can have the appropriate facilities and resources available, as well as ensuring you get the date that you want.
If you would like to add additional children to the event after you have booked then you can contact the functions team and see if there is suitable availability.

Filling in waivers for a group can take a while, so we strongly recommend that you do them before you arrive (one waiver per person).

Online Waiver


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