Parkour - The Art Of Fluid Movement

PARKOUR and FREERUNNINGParkour in the city

The method of parkour focuses on fluid movement from point A to point B.

Parkour teaches you how to approach and overcome obstacles, in both city and natural environments, efficiently, safely and creatively.
It gives you skills to REACH (someone in need of help) and ESCAPE (from dangerous situations or attackers).

The ultimate goal is to ‘flow’ along any path in one fluid movement, with no pauses or breaks as efficiently as possible.


There are bars, boxes, crash mats and other objects and obstacles of varying sizes that are constantly moved around the gym. New challenges and obstacle courses are always being created.
Different combinations and locations allow you to practice leaps, vaults, wall runs and pretty much any gymnastic action with safety, and there is plenty of extra space for you to get some speed!


Walk-ins are welcome, however if it is your first introduction to Parkour and Free-running we encourage you to try a class first.
Check out our bookings page for times and availability.


Check out the bookings page
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