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Obstacle Course racing and Ninja training has been a huge success. CRANK has produced the country’s top racers and Ninja Warriors. We are the perfect training ground for functional movement, combing rock climbing, parkour and obstacles.

There are currently several active ninja warriors training and creating courses to run and join an active Ninja community. As well as the countries top obstacle course competitors.

We offer a fun social way to prepare for any obstacle course that you intend to complete. Our focus is on technique and building key stabiliser muscles.

Adult training is on Wednesday night and youth classes are on the Saturday morning.

PARKOUR and FREERUNNINGParkour in the city


Parkour teaches you how to approach and overcome obstacles, in both city and natural environments, efficiently, safely and creatively.
It gives you skills to REACH (someone in need of help) and ESCAPE (from dangerous situations or attackers).

There are both adult and youth classes. Adult classes are free with the membership and youth classes are purchased in the school terms.


There are bars, boxes, crash mats and other objects and obstacles of varying sizes that are constantly moved around the gym. New challenges and obstacle courses are always being created.
Different combinations and locations allow you to practice leaps, vaults, wall runs and pretty much any gymnastic action with safety, and there is plenty of extra space for you to get some speed!


Walk-ins are welcome, and 27540684_2017871428431395_3311386055613215919_n Ninja Warrior social training night is Wednesday night.



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