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Birthdays are hard!

Planning a birthday is hard work. Even more so when it’s for your kids. And, adding to the pressure, you are probably a parent who is trying to organise the party to meet the BBE factor; Best Birthday Ever. So here some tips.



Something active

You know that there is going to be too much of that thing. You know that thing that you whisper or spell out so that the radar doesn’t suddenly pick up on it before bed time. That thing that adults have in secret. Sugar!

There are going to be many forms of sugar at a birthday party. Whether it comes in the form of a big cake, fruit, lollies, maybe all of it. So you need to structure the party where the little balls of energy can at least lose some of it.

You can be creative here. Outdoor hiking, the beach, jumping castles or even just playing in the backyard with some friends. But make sure they run off as much of that sugar as possible. Going to the movies is fun, but hectic, but hey I guess walking from the car to the movie theatre is active enough.


A big spaceInduction

Because there is going to be chaotic individuals bouldering around with superman capes and light savers, you need some room. Especially when you begin to see the stages of sugaring out. For a more serious discussion on sugar, have a look here.

Just imagine the soccer or cricket ball that flies through your window… there are shards of glass everywhere. These are reasons why it is a good idea to have a birthday party somewhere other than your home. You can let the sugar filled terrors run riot and it is less likely they are going to break all of your things.

Crank has more room than any other climbing gym in Brisbane. You can check out what we have to offer for your next party here.


Safety First


We believe that safety is paramount. Everyone wants their kids to have as much fun as possible on their special day but we don’t want accidents to happen… especially if they could have been prevented. Our staff at Crank take each child through a safety induction and we have dedicated kids walls to start out on, along with some ping pong to mix things up.

It is always worth having a quick think about safety. Is your home really child proofed?



The last (but not least) thing is for the adults to have fun. We already know that the kids are going to enjoy running around and being with their friends but how often does your child turn 6 or 7 or 8? They are only young once, so kick back, relax and enjoy it while we keep things safe… your kids will be talking about their birthday for years to come and being saying thanks mum and thanks dad for the Best Birthday Ever.


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