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The Route Setting Team

Introducing Crank Setters – the Mr Men, Women and Animals of the climbing world:

  • Mr Doppels

    Sets like a punk and smells like one too. Mr Dopples is the keeper of consistency, the gatekeeper of grades, the one you think you know from somewhere and reminds you of a good friend of yours.

  • Silver Fox

    Hailing from a bouldering gym in Switzerland, his class and style is unmatched. With his bat hangs to crimpers, from dino’s to dead points, this setting is simply elegant.

  • Tigger

    As one of Queensland’s stronger female climbers, she packs a punch with crimp and balance mayhem. The only jug’s this lass uses is the ones she’s got. Get your balance on when Tigger’s around.

  • Mr XXXX

    Hailing from the South, with over 6 years in Sydney’s biggest gym, XXXX packs a punch. With style, power and grace he sets.

  • Mr California

    Weighing in at 5 years in the USA setting in the biggest gyms and on the National circuit, Mr Cal brings to Queensland a new style and variation to the standard of route setting.

  • The Cookie Monster

    One of the strongest climbers around, surviving purely on Cookies this Monster packs some serious treats in his climbs. Dubbed as the thinker, a setters setter and an unstoppable crag builder, this never ending powerhouse of endurance, will keep you pumped for longer.

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